We’re telling the stories that matter to you
We’re telling the stories that matter to you
Date: 10 May 2024
Time: May 10 to 12
Scotton Knaresborough
01748 470047

About Glampfest

Escape to the countryside for some festival fun! Expect Vintage Volkswagens, Glawnings, family fun, festival food and live music!

The festival is held right here in Knaresborough, with this year's event on the weekend of May 10 to 12. It's the perfect way to spend the weekend with your family.

We're inviting everyone to Glampfest, so whether you have a van, a tent, a caravan or a Glawning we'd love you to join us at Yorkshire's most glamorous festival!

Booking Information

The Stray Ferret is running a special offer with Glampfest to give our readers two day tickets for the price of one.

Your ticket grants you and a friend entry to Glampfest on Saturday as well as parking. The festival begins on Saturday at 10am, it does not include camping.

Get these tickets here: https://thestrayferret.co.uk/product/glampfest-two-tickets-for-the-price-of-one-2/

Ticket Offer



10 May 2024 12 May 2024

Opening Times & Guide Prices

May 10 to 12

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